Marcin Walencik

Marcin Walencik

Pursuing your passion is only a question of being bold

Marcin Walencik has run his own business, TEACHERSteam, for 13 years, providing language courses for businesses throughout Poland. The firm employs various EU nationals. In his free time, Marcin writes his blog, promoting Wrocław, and running the Wroclovers photography club, among other things. He works with local communities on joint projects for his home city and for the whole of Lower Silesia.

The EU creates equal opportunities and allows freedom of travel within the Schengen area. It is very common for young people to move between EU countries using only a personal identification card.
Marcin Walencik,
For 10 or more years you have run a business providing educational services. How did your story start and what support did you get from the EU?

“Quite a few EU projects are being conducted in Lower Silesia to develop the language skills of both young people and adults. In the project run by our firm, we offered additional English courses for secondary school students. As time went on, we hired more foreigners who were EU citizens. These are young people who have studied languages and now apply the skills they have gained abroad in their work as language teachers or translators in Poland. They need to have completed their teacher training, get insurance and be able to support themselves in Poland. 
Not only do we employ EU citizens, we also continually follow new trends. We are one of only a few firms in Poland to use an integrated foreign language learning method. We always listen carefully to our clients – we react to their needs and make sure the lessons are of high quality.”

You have a passion for photography, which you use to promote Wrocław as an interesting and attractive EU city. How is this done in practice?

“I photograph Wrocław using a smartphone and a drone. I started taking photographs around 6 years ago. I co-author the Wroclovers photoblog, which was created by a team of Wrocław enthusiasts. I also post the photographs on Facebook and Instagram. Social media can be used to share feelings and passions. I think that our photographs might also play a role in promoting Wrocław abroad. People from various EU countries contact us, and we advise them what to visit and where to eat in Wrocław.

In one of the campaigns – called ‘Explore Wrocław’ – we also organised a visit to hidden places in the city that are usually inaccessible. For me, the symbolic jewel in the crown of these activities was Wrocław being named European Best Destination 2018, to which I think we have contributed.”

How might EU membership affect the future and influence the way young people lead their lives?

“The EU creates equal opportunities and allows freedom of travel within the Schengen area. It is very common for young people to move between EU countries using only a personal identification card. 2 years ago, I was invited to visit the European Parliament alongside other bloggers. During our visit, the European Solidarity Corps was set up – an initiative via which young people can do voluntary work or social work in EU countries and partner countries.

It's good to be able to develop your passions and share them with others. It is important to be bold and to not be scared of travelling around Europe. The internet, the same level of medical insurance as in our home country and no roaming charges all help to achieve this. All that remains for us to decide is what we want to do in the future. For example, we can join the Erasmus programme, or work through the EURES network. Nothing is out of reach.”

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