Mantas Bertulis

Mantas Bertulis

From daredevil adventures in Europe to travel journalism

It’s hard to paint a picture of Mantas Bertulis, the founder of the popular talk show and travel portal ‘Kvepia kelionėm’ (‘It smells like travel’), unless it is possible to draw a trip. Mantas, who was fascinated by adventurers in his youth, decided to build a life that would allow him to travel and still get an income.

I feel safer in EU countries, so I let myself experiment and repeat the examples of brave travellers online.
Mantas Bertulis,
Founder and CEO of 'Pušku pušku'
What inspired you to choose a path in travel journalism?

Previously, I worked as a sports journalist. Later, during my studies, the idea of creating a talk show was born: ‘Kitokie pasikalbėjimai’ (‘Other Conversations’) has become one of the most successful talk shows in Lithuania.

Later, I got the idea to create my own job that would allow me to travel and get an income. I was somewhat well-known from previous projects, so I received an offer from a travel agency to travel to Croatia for free and, in exchange, I would create a promotional report for them. Before travelling, I contacted a news portal and offered to cooperate with them. Three parties took advantage of this trip – the agency that needed advertising, me and my film-loving mate who wanted to travel, and a media channel that needed some interesting content.

I still work with agencies, providing them with travel reports, but now I also coordinate a website, ‘Kvepia kelionėm’ (‘It smells like travel’).

How has the EU contributed to your professional success?

When I was younger my friends and I watched a lot of videos about free and independent people travelling. They inspired me to buy a one-way ticket from Vilnius to Rome. I remember the trip as a clip from a film about the Wild West: we slept in tents, which we built in a very central Roman park and we went hitchhiking.

I feel safer in EU countries, so I let myself experiment and repeat the examples of brave travellers online. Being adventurous is more comfortable when I know that a European Health Insurance Card in my pocket will provide free essential medical care.

Travelling in Europe is a great and safe way to test yourself in unexpected ways, such as solo trips. If my first solo trip to Portugal had not been successful, I am not sure if I would later have travelled alone to Asia or South America.

What will your travels “smell like” in the future?

Even plans for the coming week are hard to come up with because there are always new opportunities in my life, often changing one plan for another. So far, I want to travel around the world, and since I am free and independent, I can afford to leave spontaneously, even the next day.

Travelling gives birth to ideas on how to present your travel experiences. Everyone is used to seeing these routine pictures of famous places, so in the future I would like to learn the art of photography and filmmaking, so that I can personally remember my experiences abroad.

It's easy to get people to travel – sharing a spectacular picture of a trip can inspire someone to depart. I have a tattoo ‘adventure’, so I will try to inspire people not only to travel, but also to go on adventures – to learn about foreign cultures and to be more spontaneous.

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