Magdalena Załęcka

Young Filmmakers Competition 

The EU is offering young filmmakers the chance to make their very own #EUandME short film.  Five winners will each receive a grant of €7,500, as well as mentoring from a top European director, to help them to bring their idea to life.

Winner in Mobility category

About the young filmmaker
Magdalena Załęcka
Why did you choose to apply for your theme?
Travelling is one of the most important things in life! Stop reading this. Go get a ticket to visit some places!
What was your inspiration for the video?
There is so much populism and stereotypes used in everyday life. I’ve decided to kill it with love and laughter. With no comedy, there would be a tragedy.
If there was no comedy, there would be a tragedy.

It is Jacek’s eighteenth birthday and his grandparents have gathered to celebrate with him. As he blows out the candles on his cake, he announces that he wishes to travel across Europe. While he is busy making them coffee, his family discuss how dangerous travelling will be, and decide that the only way to keep him safe is to persuade him not to go. For each country he mentions, they use stereotypes to find reasons as to why he should not go. For example, in France, people eat cheese which will cause problems for him as someone with a lactose intolerance. He keeps suggesting other places, but his family always have an excuse as to why he should avoid it. Having had enough of their stereotypes, Jacek says that he knows they are worried, but he will look after himself. Just because they don’t have an interest in the outside world, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. At the airport, as the family have gathered to say goodbye to Jacek. It turns out they have changed their minds; they are all travelling to different places. Saying one last farewell to Jacek, the grandparents prepare to board their plane to Rome.


/euandme/file/conspiracy-euandme-short-film-directed-magdalena-za%C5%82%C4%99cka_enConspiracy: an #EUandME short film directed by Magdalena Załęcka