José Rodrigues

José Rodrigues

Technology for everyone: A collective dream that generates low-cost offers

When José was 19, he asked his parents for a smartphone, but they said no. As a result, he started searching for cheaper alternatives and decided to buy a second-hand mobile phone. Subsequently, he came up with the idea of creating Forall Phones, which allows everyone to access second-hand devices in a perfect condition with an included warranty.

Digital technology is becoming vital to communicating and getting to know people, ideas and projects.
José Rodrigues,
Start-up founder & CEO: Forall phones
How did you come up with the idea of your own start-up?

“I joined the management course at the ISCTE Business School in Lisbon and, during the first few months there, I signed up to several of their entrepreneurship programmes.

I created a group consisting of young people who helped me launch my start-up, transforming it into a shared dream. We gained the support of the Director and suddenly everything developed very quickly. 

I am now the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Forall Phones, which I launched 2 years ago, selling second-hand mobile phones and smartphones. At first, I sold through my network of friends, who promoted the products themselves. Afterwards, I began selling them through a simple Facebook page.

My page started being followed by diverse channels, including websites, marketplaces, physical stores and more. We continue to innovate every day, supplying the best technology at affordable prices – currently Forall Phones is available in at least 15 countries across the EU.”

How did the EU contribute to developing your dream?

“The EU is key to my personal as well as business strategy, which I have always sought to develop. I have always said to my team: “We love Portugal, however, our ‘country’ is Europe”, which I believe is essential in a world moving at an increasingly fast pace, where competition is global. This European spirit and our realisation of social and economic benefits we enjoy, provided us with great impetus.

I believe that in the future the EU will come together and debate, explore, anticipate trends and innovate, acting with the excellence it has always demonstrated. In an increasingly disruptive and ‘hot’ environment – due to climate change, but also the current global economic and social ‘battles’ – I believe the EU is acting intelligently and will continue to play a significant role.”

Which of the #EUandME themes is most important for you and why?

“The shared and circular economy are essential concepts for this new ‘green society’ we inhabit today, using the internet to improve soft skills. These elements are crucial for enterprises, as they are the basis for the growth that we intend to generate.”

How important is digital technology for your business?

“Digital technology is becoming vital to communicating and getting to know people, ideas and projects. 

It has allowed us to sell products in countless countries, employing people in Portugal, Spain, Poland, Tunisia and China (so far). We have created a ‘movement’ through our University Students Community, the Forall Family, which allows us to merge our ‘digital identities’ in order to dream, outline and execute long-term plans to build added value.”

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