Jaime Olías de Lima

Young Filmmakers Competition 

The EU is offering young filmmakers the chance to make their very own #EUandME short film.  Five winners will each receive a grant of €7,500, as well as mentoring from a top European director, to help them to bring their idea to life.

Winner in Rights category

About the young filmmaker
Jaime Olías de Lima
Why did you choose to apply for your theme?
I decided this theme directly. I think the fight for rights is an incredible search engine for the characters. Social barriers as obstacles are great antognistas of any history. I believe in the equal rights, freedoms and opportunities of any person, and the European Union is a framework in which little to no purpose can be achieved. Every day, in all parts of Europe there are protagonists of incredible stories that fight for their rights. The history of Manuel is undoubtedly a journey that many professionals and athletes with physical and psychological problems have traveled. I feel privileged to be able to tell it.
What was your inspiration for the video?
I could not define the inspiration for this video. Four years ago, I began to dive semi-professionally, take degrees and get involved in the world we have under water. Something that inspired me was the peace and tranquility that you feel while diving, as the only sound your own heart. When I heard the story of a boy with a psychic problem that prevented him from listening to the sounds around him because for him they were like hammers I had the inspiration. There is a large part of fiction in my story, I have not found references of divers with this type of problem but this short film may also be an inspiration for other people.
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde

A teenager rides in a car wearing headphones so he can’t hear the outside world. He is constantly wearing them – whether he goes to a school meeting or walks down the street, he tries to block out the sounds of daily life. As he suffers from autism, the sounds make him anxious. When a group of teens ridicule him and take off his headphones, he panics and puts his hands over his ears trying to block out the world of noise. Later, while in the bath, he discovers that the only sound he hears underwater is his heartbeat, which calms him. As an adult, he prepares to dive into the ocean – he is now a world class free diver, using the silence of the ocean to his advantage.

Cast & crew

Javier Villalba – Young Manuel 
Adrián Exposito – Adult Manuel 
Elena García – Mother 
Josep Maria Riera – Psychologist 
Alejandro Olalla – Youth 1
Alejandro Copias – Youth 2
Ángela Guijarro – Youth 3
Patricia Martínez – Youth 4
Jaime Olías – Director
Gustavo García Sierra – First Assistant Director
Carlos Matías García – Director of photography
Miguel Aguilar – First Camera Assitant
Rodrigo de Pablo – Second Camera Assistant
Raquel Castelló – Production Manager
Laura Ros – Ayte producción
Blanca Gonzalez – Ayte de produccion 
Sergio Hernández – Art Director
Alba Engel – Ayte arte
Angel Chacón – Sound Murcia
Jorge García – Sound Madrid
Ashling Serry – Makeup and hairdressing
Ángel González – Drone operations
Jose Blue screen – Underwater camera operator
Morejon Bandrés – Santiago security
Patrón de Barco Rivermar S.L
Pivot Garcia – Gaffer
Pedro Clemente – Spark 
Alicia Wild – Spark
- Rodrigo Benito
- Celia Castañs
- Nacho Olias
- Juan Sanchez Brunete
- Virginia Martínez
- Isabel Canabal
- Leonor Pancorbo Álvarez
- Gonzalo García
- Raquel Castelló

The Sound of Mine

/euandme/file/sound-mine-euandme-short-film-directed-jaime-olias-de-lima-pancorbo_enThe Sound of Mine: an #EUandME short film directed by Jaime Olias De Lima Pancorbo