Galambos Levente

Concours de jeunes réalisateurs 

L’UE t’offre l’opportunité de réaliser ton propre court-métrage dans le cadre de la campagne #EUandME. Les cinq jeunes réalisateurs sélectionnés recevront chacun une bourse de 7 500 € et bénéficieront de l’accompagnement d’un réalisateur européen de renom qui les aidera à donner vie à leurs idées.

Winner in Sustainability category

About the young filmmaker
Galambos Levente
Why did you choose to apply for your theme?
Simply, this was the topic I could identify myself the most with because I think it’s one of the most important problems we should handle right and smart.
What was your inspiration for the video?
My basic idea is to show the value of an object from the perspective of a child related to his/her favourite toy, and the same from the perspective of an adult who handles objects as neutral devices for his/her everyday life.
It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning

A father and daughter live together in the Hungarian countryside. As a single parent, the father has a busy life, juggling a stressful job with family responsibilities. After the tragic death of his wife, he tries to shelter his daughter from further suffering or sadness. This often means that he is over-protective, refusing to let her speak to friendly neighbours. When the daughter’s prized possession, a small music box, accidentally breaks, the father refuses to fix it, remembering how his own father would throw his broken toys away. The daughter flees to her grandfather – the same ‘friendly neighbour’ that she has been prohibited to speak to – who helps her fix the broken music box. When her father finds her, he is overcome by guilt and realises that broken relationships, just like broken toys, can be easily repaired.

Cast & crew

Grecsó Zoltán - father
Bagi Anna Borbála - mother
Váróczy Lilla - Réka
Kónya István - grandfather
Kiss Viktor – boy

Fekete Ernő – Voiceover

Galambos Levente – Director & editor
Simon Gergő – Director & writer
Majoros Máté - Unit production manager
Tiszai András - First assistant director
Tóth Cecilia Orsolya Anna - art director, wardrobe
Brautigam Bertold - d.o.p.
Vadász Gábor - 1st AC, focus puller
Kiszler Dániel - loader
Luzskov Anton - gaffer
Gőbel Ákos - lighting technician
Szabó Zoltán (Elderwood Films) - boom operator
Rabár Janka - Makeup, Hair
Janovits Bence - case study film
Odor Gábor - transporting
Pátkai Roni - transporting
Magyar Dániel - CGI
Varga Zsolt Iván - colorist
Egerváry Dávid - music 
Stámusz Ferenc - sound postproduction
Zwickl Ábel - sound postproduction
Stamusic Studio - sound postproduction

Hidden Values

/euandme/file/22862_frHidden Values: an #EUandME short film directed by Levente Galambos