Cristina Giron Delgado

Cristina Giron Delgado

From Madrid to Copenhagen: ‘’To me, it was just a country far to the north’’

It has been 7 years since Cristina Giron Delgado replaced warm Madrid with rainy and foreign Denmark. It started with a course at the Technical University of Denmark which led to a permanent job. Now she is also the founder of the SOMOS organisation that helps NGOs in Denmark.

Working abroad, learning from other cultures and gaining the experience means an enormous amount to me.
Cristina Giron Delgado,
Business Consultant at NNIT
What made the biggest impression on you when you started your exchange?

“First and foremost, I encountered a very different way of studying. In Denmark, there was a lot of group-based work which was very new to me. Also, the long, dark winters and the overuse of candles were very new to me. 
I knew absolutely nothing about Denmark when I arrived. To me, it was just a country far to the north. But I was prepared for the fact that this would be an encounter with something completely different – a new environment, culture, food, people, everything – and it really was. I was given the opportunity to learn a completely different way of doing things and I seized that opportunity.”

What does working in Denmark mean to you?

“After my master’s degree in Environmental Technology at the Technical University of Denmark, I found work in Denmark and I’ve been working here for 4 years now. In addition to my job, I’m also the founder of the SOMOS NGO which is based in Copenhagen. Working abroad, learning from other cultures and gaining the experience means an enormous amount to me. I’m proud of the fact that the money both my family and I have spent on my education has paid off and given me a good job and a good standard of living in Denmark.”

What made you set up SOMOS?

“One of my friends had started a similar project in Spain. So, I thought, why not do the same in Denmark? Based on this, we set up SOMOS in Denmark which is really about everyone being able to share something. 

At SOMOS, we want to help Danish NGOs that make a difference to others. We do this based on courses organised by a wide range of volunteers who are particularly good at something – photography, yoga, zumba or something like that – and who want to teach what they know. The volunteer course organisers select a Danish NGO that they want to support and participants on the course each pay a sum that they set, which goes exclusively to supporting their chosen NGO. In this way, we exchange talent and knowledge across countries, cultures and subjects – all for a good cause.”


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