Economic and Financial Committee

The Secretariat

The Secretariat

The Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) and its President are assisted by a Secretariat which also provides support for the Economic Policy Committee and for the Eurogroup.

The Secretariat contributes to the formulation, coordination and surveillance of economic and financial policies in the EU through the smooth and efficient functioning of the EFC as well as its sub-committees, ad hoc working groups and task forces; and thus contributes to an efficient preparation of the Council and the Eurogroup.

  • Mr Stefan PFLUEGER - Secretary of the EFC, EPC, EWG, Eurogroup
  • Mr Joost KUHLMANN - Advisor
  • Ms Emiliya GEORGIEVA
  • Ms Gozdecan ULUSCU


  • Ms Outi SLOTBOOM - Head of Unit
  • Mr James ALLEN - Head of Sector EPC
  • Mr Balazs HORVATH
  • Mr Malte HUEBNER
  • Mr Jens LARSEN
  • Mr Florian ABADIE
  • Mr Hans NAUDTS
  • Ms Jenni PAAKKONEN
  • Ms Triin RUUS
  • Ms Kristin VANDENBERGEN - Head of Financial Markets Sector
  • Mr Fuat VARDAR 

 Eurogroup and EWG

  • Ms Elena REITANO - Head of Unit
  • Ms Annamaria NEMETH
  • Ms Alexandra PUTINELU
  • Ms Marion SALINES
  • Mr Thomas USHER
  • Mr Dirk KAMPS
  • Ms Iliofotisti PAPASTEFANOU
  • Ms Marta WIECZOREK - Deputy Head of Unit