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The European School of Administration was set up by the institutions of the European Union in 2005 in order to extend the range of learning and development opportunities available to their staff. We work in close cooperation with the institutions' own training departments who complement our offer by meeting their institution's specific training needs.

We are administratively part of the institutions and our staff are therefore members of the European Civil Service.

Our training programmes are reserved for staff of the EU institutions and agencies although we do allow a small number of civil servants from Member State administrations to attend some of our courses by special invitation. Further details can be found about this on our DISPA page.

Our training activities fall into the following groups:

We also run an annual compulsory training programme for about 80 assistant-level staff who have been identified by the institution in which they work as having the potential to become administrators. This procedure is called "certification".

Lastly, we organise short study visits – the Erasmus for Public Administration programme for young civil servants in member states whose jobs involve EU questions.

We're more than happy to share our experience for non-commercial purposes about how we go about designing, delivering and evaluating our training activities and their content.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any comments/questions.

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