Open PM² Methodology Guide climbing up the charts!

Open PM² is an updated version of the PM² Methodology developed and used by the Commission since 2007. It is based on the experience and lessons learned from EU projects, but also incorporates elements from globally accepted best practices, standards and methodologies.

Since its publication in November 2016, the PM² Guide – Open Edition has climbed to the Top-10 of most downloaded publications of the EUBookshop.

Open PM²

What Open PM² brings?

Open PM² provides open and free access of PM² to all European Institutions, Public Administrations of Member States, Contractors and EU Citizens, widening the circle of stakeholder who benefit from PM² and enabling project management maturity within the EU. The initiative is also supported by the European Commission's ISA² Programme, for the development of interoperability solutions (cross-border and cross-sector public services) for the benefit of public administrations, businesses and citizens across the EU.

Some benefits of using Open PM²:

  • achieves rationalisation of Project Management approaches across EU Institutions and Member States, and establishes a common language & processes resulting more effective project communication
  • contributes to the increase of Project Management Maturity across the EU
  • results higher Quality Project Management which lead to cost/effort efficiency
  • enables efficiencies in the work done by Project Audit Services
  • increases control of outsourced and EU funded projects and grants
  • enables transparency and work visibility for a cross-Institutional project collaborations
  • promotes "One common and open Project Management Methodology for Europe".

Open PM² aims to significantly contribute towards the increase in project management competency within the European Union and lead to increased project efficiency and success.

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Open PM²

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