Torch initiative 2018

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Monday, 8 January, 2018
Future for Religious Heritage (FRH)

During 2018 the Future for Religious Heritage will start the 'Torch Initiative' that will be used as a symbol of unity to raise awareness about the importance of Europe’s culture and heritage. Corresponding with the motto of the European Union - 'United in diversity', the Torch Initiative will highlight the role of religious heritage through the centuries as a key aspect of promoting a sense of collective purpose. It will bring together diverse community groups with different cultures, traditions and languages in a unified and coordinated action to foster unity while celebrating Europe’s diversity. 

In practice, the Torch Initiative will present the idea of a 'treasure box' in which citizens, politicians and stakeholders will post their own personal stories to underline the importance of different aspects of religious heritage. The movement of the torch across Europe will be traced on a LIVE interactive map that will provide a record of all countries and cities through which it has travelled. The initiative will kick off in Leeuwarden and end at the Future for Religious Heritage’s conference in Paris in October 2018 where it will be handed to the European Commissioner of Culture.


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Organiser: Future for Religious Heritage

Photo: ©Future for Religious Heritage