Volunteers for the European Year of Cultural Heritage

This summer, over 3,000 volunteers from France and across Europe will engage in cultural heritage restoration training through "Mission Patrimoine, all volunteers for the European Year of Cultural Heritage".
Woman restoring

The initiative is organised by Rempart, a network of 180 French associations with 50 partner organisations in 30 countries, engaged in the rehabilitation and maintenance of monuments and artistic heritage.

Each one of the 180 member associations runs a project to safeguard, enhance and promote a heritage site. The projects aim to make citizens safeguard our common heritage and its transmission to future generations, while making heritage support education and training.

This year 250 sessions of volunteer work camps and restoration workshops will be offered by REMPART member associations and its 10,000 committed citizens.

3,200 volunteers will participate, many of them from other European countries.

In 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the focus will be on European cooperation between associations and European partners, and the reception of volunteers for training and promotion of European mobility thanks to an ERASMUS + grant. Volunteering projects and technical courses abroad will also be offered.

The aim is to support initiatives that are international in scope, to promote exchanges, transmission of know-how and share expertise and excellence, while supporting the upskilling of young people.

Find out more on the Rempart website

Image: Shutterstock