Meet the winners of our photo competition

Congratulations to the 5 winners of our #EuropeForCulture photo competition! The challenge was to capture traditions and #CulturalHeritage in the festive season, which all our winners did in their own unique way.

1st Prize

@dolceandmasala has captured this beautifully lit bridge, which is part of the annual Florence light festival. The installation was made with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), on the theme of migration and the global refugee crisis.

2nd Prize

This boy, snapped by @andrei.c.stefan, is waiting for his turn to join the traditional dance in Tîrgu Neamţ, a town in northern Romania. The dance routine symbolises the death and revival of the New Year, and is also believed to chase away evil spirits.

Talking about evil spirits - they better watch out for Kukeri – a tradition hailing from Bulgaria. Between Christmas and Lent, these masked creatures walk around villages and towns to chase away evils, welcome the New Year and bless the people with happiness and prosperity. Photographed by @mybestsouvenir

3rd Prize

@kanelbulle94 reminds us that there's one thing that truly unites us all over the festive season: cookies, pastries and cakes.

Winter holidays is a great occasion to travel, discovering other cultures and meeting new people. @manfalou visited northern Finland, home to the Sami community.


The will be rewarded with a cultural experience in their respective home countries. A big thanks to everyone who participated – showing Europe's rich and diverse cultural heritage at this time of the year! The European Year of Cultural Heritage has merely started; stay curious and tuned for competition updates on how you can participate.