Launch of a new European project on heritage houses

In July 2018, the project "Heritage Houses for Europe. Exchange & Innovate" was successfully launched. The European Landowners Organization, the European Historic Houses Association, and IDEA Consult are responsible for the project, with the support of the European Commission.
Château d'Annevoie, Belgium

Family-owned heritage houses are an important component of Europe's cultural heritage. They embody rich sources of cultural information, ensure job opportunities, and contribute to the development of sustainable and inclusive approaches to heritage management. However, there is currently a lack of comprehensive, systematic data on family-owned heritage houses, and the sector is in need of innovative models for financing, management, and governance.

The project "Heritage Houses for Europe. Exchange & Innovate" wants to address these challenges, and contributes to the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

It will support family-owned heritage houses by:

  • Raising awareness on, and measuring the positive impact of family-owned heritage houses in Europe.
  • Identifying innovative replicable business models, and creating tools to support managers in the sustainable preservation of family-owned heritage houses.
  • Issuing recommendations towards the European Institutions unleashing the sector's potential.

Owners-managers of heritage houses are at the centre of this project. The objective is to learn what their reality on the ground is. To that end, please take the online survey to support the project team in collecting the most exhaustive information.

Learn more on the website of the project, where you can also find the contact details of the project team.

Photo: Château d'Annevoie, Belgium, © European Historic Houses Association