Launch of Cultural gems app: find hidden treasures

On 7 December, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) officially launched the Cultural gems app at the closing conference of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Vienna. The web app creates an interactive space for local governments, citizens and tourists to engage with hidden treasures of cultural heritage.
Ad for Cultural Gems app: drawing of man holding his phone and looking at a map over a city.

The development of the Cultural gems app follows the Joint Research Centre's release of the 1st edition of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor in 2017.

This online tool contains a variety of information on 168 cities in 30 countries across Europe, ranging from cultural attractions and facilities to creative economies, and from human capital and education to quality of governance. Its main aims are to encourage mutual exchange and learning, and to spark innovation and resilience in these and other cities.

The Cultural gems app provides an interactive, open source platform for local governments, citizens and visitors to share hidden cultural and creative gems in any European city. The app is open source, and freely available for both policy makers and individuals to use. This allows citizens and tourists to jointly share and discover particular elements of interest in cultural heritage.

At the same time, the app allows city administrators and policy makers to engage citizens and visitors, and to have access to information about how they interact with hidden gems of cultural heritage. This includes reviews or comments provided by the app's users, which can in turn provide new input for local policies regarding cultural heritage.

Access the app on the Joint Research Centre's website.

Image: Joint Research Centre