Finnish photo campaigns celebrate the year

The Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Environment Institute jointly launched 2 successful photo campaigns that focused on people's everyday surroundings. Both of these campaigns aimed at increasing the appreciation of cultural environments and heritage, a key objective of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
Yellow cottage in Finland

In both campaigns, people were encouraged to take photos of something they considered to be of value or found interesting, and to share the photos on social media using the campaign hashtags.

The #suojelentätä (I protect this) campaign invited people to think about the kind of cultural environment they want to conserve for future generations. The aim of the campaign was to highlight lesser known heritage sites instead of more popular tourist attractions. Street art and skate parks in an urban environment, or traditional rural biotopes and old farmhouses are as important as the Helsinki Cathedral or the Fortress of Suomenlinna. One of the objectives of the #suojelentätä campaign was to reach new target and age groups. A total of 1,150 photos were published in the competition using the #suojelentätä hashtag; nearly a thousand of them were taken by participants.

The #arkimaisema (everyday landscape) campaign focused on the importance of everyday landscapes for our identities, the quality of our living environment and our cultural heritage. The campaign was launched in August as a part of the preparations for the International Landscape Day on 20 October. This year, the theme of the day in Finland was “A Tribute to Everyday Landscapes”. On International Landscape Day, the campaign culminated in a photography competition that attracted nearly 300 entries. By the end of October, 1,800 photos had been published using the campaign hashtag.

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You can also look back at the photos on the Facebook pages of the #suojelentätä and #arkimaisema competition.

Photo: Taisto Jantunen