Collecting good practices in heritage professions

The 5th meeting of the "group of experts from EU member states on skills, trainings and knowledge transfer in traditional and emerging heritage professions" took place in Mariestad, Sweden, on 24-25 May 2018. 15 experts from 12 EU countries met to exchange good practices and design policy recommendations on heritage professions in the tangible, intangible and digital cultural heritage field.
 Crafts Laboratory in Mariestad, the Swedish National centre for crafts in conservation

Europe is renowned for its exceptional skills in the field of cultural heritage. But this excellence is jeopardised by the combined effect of the age pyramid and cuts in public budgets. New skills and competences are needed to match the needs of the 21st century. To respond to these challenges, experts from EU Member States are mapping existing schemes and identifying emerging skills and training needs and capacity building for heritage and cultural professionals to produce a manual of good practice and recommendations for public authorities

The meeting in May took place at the Craft Laboratory in Mariestad, the Swedish National centre for crafts in conservation, a University centre for training and capacity building that focus on transmission of knowledge of craftsmen with restoration sites in Sweden. The centre acts as a support and a knowledge bank for those who are responsible for or practically engaged in the upkeep of cultural heritage in Sweden, bridging the University and heritage institutions. Courses deal with several topics, from gardening to traditional building crafts, wood and masonry mainly.

The expert' work is part of the "Work plan for culture 2015-2018", and contributes to the European initiative of the European Year of Cultural Heritage: "Skills for Heritage: enhancing education and training for the traditional and new professions".

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Photo credits: Erminia Sciacchitano