Altiero Spinelli Prize: focus on cultural heritage

On 20 June, the Award Ceremony of the Altiero Spinelli Prize 2017 will take place in the House of European History in Brussels, in the presence of Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament.
Altiero Spinelli Prize recompensing cultural heritage initiatives

One of the first prizes will go to the European Association for Heritage Interpretation ('Interpret Europe'), a member of both the European Heritage Alliance and the European Commission’s official European Year of Cultural Heritage Stakeholder Committee, for the study "Engaging citizens with Europe's cultural heritage".

The study results from volunteer work undertaken in preparation for the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. It suggests that the relevance of the European idea should not so much depend on economic ups and downs but on the heritage that we share and embrace.

Therefore, Europe’s heritage should be considered the true treasure of the European project. If citizens are encouraged to experience heritage where things actually happened, and to interpret it in a way that fosters Europe’s shared values, this can help to meet the challenges Europe is currently facing.

The paper delivers the theoretical background but also practical hints on how the concept of heritage interpretation can be used to achieve this goal.

The study ‘Engaging citizens with Europe’s cultural heritage’ can be downloaded from Interpret Europe. Single printed copies can be ordered through the Interpret Europe contact form.

The Altiero Spinelli Prize rewards outstanding contributions that communicate the EU and its founding values, history, action to wider society, enhancing citizens' understanding of the EU and building trust in it.

The Prize is a recent initiative of the European Parliament that is implemented by the European Commission. In the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, in addition to Interpret Europe, other cultural heritage related initiatives will be awarded.

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