Carnival of Fano

Fano PU
Thursday, 4 January, 2018 to Sunday, 11 February, 2018
The Carnival of Fano

The Carnival of Fano is the oldest and most famous in Italy and Adriatic Region with a tradition of over 600 years. On Carnival time every Sunday people fill the city promenade, abandoning their daily routines and getting involved into the amazing allegorical floats parades. For the inhabitants of Fano, the Carnival related activity does not only happen during a limited time of the year: it is a real job that requires dedication and patience along 365 days. The masters work with passion and devotion to the preparation of the large floats for the parade: their works can be considered real masterpieces.


100,000 visitors per year

According to tradition, on Sunday afternoon, these gigantic bloated caricatures parade one after another, up and down along the main Gramsci street in front of the ancient Roman August's Arch and the Malatesta medieval walls. The parade ends with a final round, the so-called “luminaria”. When the night comes the floats start lighting up and create spectacular tricks of light and colours. Today the Carnival of Fano gathers together about 100,000 visitors and has become a piece of the popular culture. It is an important part of the non-material cultural heritage of the city and is also the largest Carnival event in all Le Marche Region.


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Organiser: Municipality of Fano with the collaboration of Ente Carnevalesca Fano

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Photo: The Carnival of Fano