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European Climate Pact


Actualité concernant les activités liées au pacte. Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site web consacré à l’action de l’UE pour le climat et abonnez-vous à notre bulletin d’information.

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With the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow now over, you might be wondering what impact the decisions taken there will have on you. We asked two climate experts fresh from Glasgow to give us their take.

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This November, expect to see headline after headline focusing on COP26. We’re told that the event could be a game-changer for the climate, but before we delve into what’s up for discussion, let’s try and clear up the basics. What is COP26? Who will be there? And why’s it so important?

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Petrol and diesel cars dominate European cities, and with them come problems ranging from air pollution to traffic jams, safety issues and noise. Improving public transport is one way to fight this, but making cities safer and more pleasant for walkers and cyclists is the other piece of the puzzle.