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European Climate Pact


Novinky o činnostech v rámci Klimatického paktu Nejnovější informace o klimatických opatřeních najdete na stránkách EU o změně klimatu. Také můžete začít odebírat náš zpravodaj.

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People are increasingly aware that, when it comes to food, what is good for the environment is good for them too. In the current climate crisis, growing and consuming sustainable food is critically important.

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It’s getting vital to reduce our energy use – because of rising global temperatures, of course, but also rising energy costs. Why not set yourself a challenge and see if you can achieve a few of these over the coming month?

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Let’s start with the numbers: did you know that 40% of Europe’s energy use goes into heating, cooling and powering the buildings in which we live and work?