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European Climate Pact
Comhdhálacha agus cruinnithe mullaigh

The Climate Pact Day of Action

My world. My action. Our planet.

Together, we can turn the tide on climate change by making changes within our own worlds – be that at school, at work, at home or in our wider community. Collectively, our action will transform our society, our economy and our planet for the better.

This is where the European Climate Pact comes in. The Climate Pact is a movement of people united around a common cause, each taking steps in their own worlds to build a more sustainable Europe for us all. Everyone is welcome to join the movement. You can get involved whether you are just starting out on your climate action journey or already working to make a difference in your world.

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Climate Pact Day of Action
The Climate Pact Day of Action

The Climate Pact Day of Action was a one-day digital event that took place on 29 June 2021. It aims to raise awareness of the progress and opportunities in the Pact, encourage pledging, share uplifting stories of climate action and connect people with action in their own country.

The event aimed to show that by taking action in our own worlds, everyone has a part to play in building a greener tomorrow. It brought together politicians, policymakers, celebrities, Ambassadors, country coordinators, PR partners, influencers and the citizens of Europe from all walks of life for a day of action in favour of our planet.


Watch the Day of Action event

Watch a recording of the Day of Action event featuring: 

  • Climate talks by special guests focusing on concrete climate actions in our everyday life

  • A discussion on Climate Pact pledges

  • Participation of Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director General of the Directorate General for Climate Action, European Commission

  • Participation of Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the European Green Deal


Programme: Download the programme here.