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Climate Pact Ambassadors u.lab Hub (for Ambassadors only)

A tailored learning, collective action & networking opportunity for Climate Pact Ambassadors. Embedded in Theory U, developed at the MIT, focusing on leading social, environmental & personal transformation in business, government & civil society.

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Kelvy Bird Presencing Institute Iceberg Model Theory U
Kelvy Bird Presencing Institute Iceberg Model Theory U

Today's challenges call for profound innovation across all societal sectors. Rethinking, reinventing and evolving the way we operate in our society requires a profound shift in how we think, engage and act (activating the intelligence of the head, heart, and hand). 

u.lab offers a platform that blends:

–  new tech tools,

–  social change processes,

–  and multi-local community building efforts.

As part of the u.lab Hub you will have a chance to:

–  regularly network with other Ambassadors, growing potential synergies in your action,

–  benefit from deep understanding of each other’s work,

–  receive support by action-oriented peer learning,

–  improve involvement and learning with desired audiences by implementing u.lab methodologies to respective fields of application, with special focus on reaching the “lukewarm*” group.


* "lukewarm" - those who might be aware of climate crisis, but are not convinced, that collective action of individuals can have a real impact and is thus essential.