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European Climate Pact

Become an Ambassador

Climate Pact Ambassadors inform, inspire and support climate action in their communities and networks. Anyone can apply!

Please note that as a European Climate Pact Ambassador, you will act in your personal capacity or in your professional capacity representing your organisation, not on behalf of the European Commission. Being an Ambassador does not involve organisational or financial support from the Commission. The European Commission reserves the right to select the Ambassadors based on an overall consideration of the objectives, values and ongoing development of the initiative.

What is the role of Ambassadors?

  • Reach out to people and/or organisations who are not yet involved in climate action
  • Inform, inspire and support climate action within their communities and networks
  • Lead by example in climate action and in environmental protection
  • Become a bridge between civil society, interested stakeholders and the European Commission

Who can become an Ambassador?

  • Anyone can apply to become an Ambassador as an individual
  • Organisations can also suggest a representative to become an Ambassador on their behalf. In order to be an Organisational Ambassador, your organisation needs to commit itself to making a Pact pledge. Visit the organisation and group pledging page to learn more. Organisational Ambassadors are initially onboarded for 6 months and once the organisation’s pledge is approved by the European Commission, the ambassadorship is extended to one year
  • Ambassadors commit to respecting the Pact’s values

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Recognition of your role from the European Commission, e.g. on the Pact website
  • Visibility for your climate action, e.g. on the Pact website and social media
  • Communication tools, e.g. a Pact communication kit
  • Access to the network of Ambassadors

What kind of activities can Ambassadors undertake in their role?

  • Talking about climate change during regular interactions and activities, especially to those who are not yet involved in climate action
  • Advocating at national, regional and local level in order to persuade public authorities, schools, organisations and businesses to commit to ambitious climate action and pledges
  • Engaging with local communities, especially vulnerable and low-income groups, with climate action messages and activities adjusted to the local context, challenges and needs
  • Sharing scientifically reliable knowledge and raising awareness on topics related to climate change, e.g. through organising online and offline events and thematic discussions, running campaigns in media and social media, offering data, expertise and stories related to climate change, finding new ways and channels to raise climate change awareness
  • Organising activities related to climate and environmental action, e.g. planting trees, organising information desks, car free days, etc.
  • Interconnecting local climate activists with other relevant networks and stakeholders, also across Europe
  • Exchanging knowledge, e.g. through peer-to-peer training, to help anyone start or expand climate initiatives
  • Testing climate solutions so that they can be replicated and spread

How can I become an Ambassador?

  1. Applicant fills in the online application form
    • You will be requested to subscribe to the Climate Pact’s values, describe your planned activities as a Pact Ambassador, and agree to sharing information about you.
  2. European Commission confirms selected applicants as Ambassadors
    • Ambassadors will be selected through an objective, transparent process based on applicants’ merits and motivation for one year with the possibility of prolongation.
    • If you are selected as an Ambassador, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the European Commission. Your name, photo and description will be published on the Pact website.
  3. Each Ambassador is endorsed for a period of one year
    • In order to be prolonged in their role, Ambassadors have to report on realised activities and renew the declarations mentioned above.

Please note that processing your application may take some time.

Become a Climate Pact Ambassador

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