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European Citizens’ Initiative Ambassadors

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The European Citizens’ Initiative Ambassadors contribute to spreading the word about the European Citizens’ Initiative, to fostering debate and to empowering citizens to act on causes they care about.

They come from a wide range of organisations active at European, national or regional level, and they all have something in common – expertise in participatory democracy and a common goal to encourage citizens’ involvement in policy-making.

Meet the ECI Ambassadors at online and offline events and follow them on social media!

Assya Kavrakova

Assya Kavrakova, European Citizen Action Service

Assya Kavrakova is Executive Director of the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) and leads the organisation on its mission to empower citizens in order to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union.
  • Дейност в EU-wide
Bruno Kaufmann

Bruno Kaufmann, Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe

Bruno Kaufmann is President of the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe). The organisation helps support the development of the European Citizens´ Initiative with research, publications, educational projects and political advice.
  • Дейност в Sweden
Daniela Quaggia

Daniela Quaggia, Cittadinanzattiva

Daniela Quaggia is Project Manager Active Citizenship Network at Cittadinanzattiva, where she contributes to promoting citizens' activism to protect fundamental human rights.
  • Дейност в Italy
Daniela Vancic

Daniela Vancic, Democracy International

Daniela Vancic is European Program Manager at Democracy International and is managing their campaigns for strengthening direct democracy and citizen participation at all political levels.
  • Дейност в EU-wide
Debra Daly

Debra Daly, European Youth Parliament Ireland

Debra Daly is President of European Youth Parliament Ireland (EYP Ireland) and leads the organisation on its mission to develop an interest in European issues in young people in Ireland.
  • Дейност в Ireland
Image of Despina Papadaki

Despina Papadaki, I.R.T.E.A.

Despina Papadaki is a Senior Project Manager at the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs (I.R.T.E.A.) in Athens, Greece.
  • Дейност в Greece
Image of Yilly Pacheco

Dr. Yilly Vanessa Pacheco, ‘ECI from A to Z’ project

Dr. Yilly Pacheco is one of the coordinators of the Erasmus+ project “ECI from A to Z” through which she promotes active citizenship and the use of the European Citizens’ Initiative with university students in Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Romania.
  • Дейност в EU-wide
Image of Elena Danescu

Elena Danescu

Elena Danescu is, since April 2019, the Manager of the Europe Direct at the University of Luxembourg – Belval (ED-UNILU) with the aim of informing people about EU history and current challenges.
  • Дейност в Luxembourg
Enrique Montes Pérez

Enrique Montes Pérez, Asociación Amigos MIRA España

Enrique Montes Pérez is President of Asociación Amigos MIRA España and directs the association as it works to promote and defend human rights, peace and sustainable human development.
  • Дейност в Spain
Europe Direct Valletta logo 3

Europe Direct Valletta

Europe Direct Valletta provides information, advice, assistance, and answers to questions about the EU, particularly about the rights of EU citizens, the EU’s priorities, legislation, policies, programmes, and EU funding opportunities.
  • Дейност в Malta
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