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European Citizens' Initiative

Mihnea Chirila, Group of the European Youth for Change

Active in Romania
Ambassador citizen

Mihnea Chirila is a youth worker and volunteer for Group of the European Youth for Change – GEYC in Romania. He enjoys meeting and working with new people from diverse backgrounds. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, and through his experience with youth projects he’s grown an interest for the European space, active participation, and involving youth in the European community. 

GEYC enables young people to be active through their various projects on Human Rights, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Digital. Besides Erasmus+ mobilities for young people and youth workers, the organisation coordinates several projects which produce research, reports, as well as initiatives which are forwarded to relevant legislative and regulatory bodies. This empowers young people, as well as other organisations, to do their work in an even more impactful and meaningful way.

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