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Enrique Montes Pérez, Asociación Amigos MIRA España

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Image of Enrique Montes Pérez
Enrique Montes Pérez

Enrique Montes Pérez is President of Asociación Amigos MIRA España and directs the association as it works to promote and defend human rights, peace and sustainable human development.

Enrique is an expert and avid defender of human rights and author of various publications related to human rights, migration, sustainable development and peace. Under his leadership, the Association works to empower women, migrants and young people to have equal opportunities, enjoy all their rights and fully develop their human potential.

Founded in 2010, Asociación Amigos MIRA España manages numerous flagship programmes that contribute to the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals with focus on inclusive economic growth, reducing inequalities, and elimination of discrimination.

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