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European Citizens' Initiative

One of us

Submission and examination

One of us was submitted to the Commission on 28/02/2014 having gathered 1,721,626 statements of support. See press release.

The organisers met with the Commissioner responsible for Research, Innovation and Science, Ms Geoghegan-Quinn, and the Deputy Director-General responsible for Development and Cooperation, Mr. Cornaro on 09/04/2014. See press release.

A public hearing took place at the European Parliament on 10/04/2014.

Answer of the European Commission

Decision date: 28/05/2014 Official documents related to the decision:


In the Communication adopted on 28/05/2014, the Commission explains that it has decided not to submit a legislative proposal, given that Member States and the European Parliament had only recently discussed and decided EU policy in this regard. The Commission has concluded that the existing funding framework, which had been recently debated and agreed by EU Member States and the European Parliament, is the appropriate one. See press release.

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