New initiative registered: VOTERS WITHOUT BORDERS

The Commission has registered today, 4 March, a new citizens' initiative: 'VOTERS WITHOUT BORDERS, Full Political Rights for EU Citizens.' The organisers of the initiative now have up to 6 months to start the collection of statements of support from citizens.

5th successful initiative!

The citizens' initiative 'Minority SafePack - one million signatures for diversity in Europe' has been submitted today to the Commission for examination, after having collected more than 1,1 million valid statements of support from across the EU.

The organisers will meet with the Commission soon. A public hearing will then be organised by the European Parliament. The Commission has up to 6 months to adopt a formal reply.

New initiative registered: Stop Finning - Stop the trade

A new initiative 'Stop Finning - Stop the trade' was registered on 2 January 2020. This is the first initiative to follow the new rules of the European citizens' initiative that apply since 1 January.

Read the Commission’s press release on this matter.