Get a greater say in the policies that affect your lives. The European Citizens' Initiative is a unique way for you to help shape the EU by calling on the European Commission to propose new laws. Once an initiative has reached 1 million signatures, the Commission will decide on what action to take.

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The Commission grants further extensions to citizens' initiatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission decided on 19 February to grant a further 3-month extension for citizens' initiatives that were in the process of collecting statements of support on 1 February 2021. Organisers of the initiatives concerned have been notified by the Commission. Read the text of the Commission implementing decision.

European Commission replies to ‘Minority Safepack' initiative

The European Commission published its response to the European Citizens' Initiative ‘Minority Safepack – one million signatures for diversity in Europe', the fifth successful Initiative supported by over 1 million citizens across the EU. Read the Commission communication.

The revised Drinking Water Directive enters into force

Today sees the entry into force of the revised Drinking Water Directive, a direct response to the first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative, Water and sanitation are a human right! Water is a public good, not a commodity!. The new legislation will ensure the safety and quality of drinking water, as well as easier access to it for vulnerable groups.

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