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Европейска гражданска инициатива
Окажете по-голямо влияние върху политиките, които ви засягат. Европейската гражданска инициатива е уникален начин да допринесете за посоката на развитие на ЕС, като приканите Европейската комисия да предложи нови закони. Когато дадена инициатива събере 1 милион подписа, Комисията ще реши какви действия да предприеме. Вижте каква е процедурата стъпка по стъпка
Ако обмислите да започнете инициатива, консултирайте се с Форум на Европейската гражданска инициатива за правни и практически съвети.
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Wed, 29/06/2022

Belgium – the fifth country to allow supporting ECIs below the age of 18

Minimum age to support European citizens’ initiatives corresponds to the age to be entitled to vote in elections to the European Parliament. Belgium has lowered the minimum voting age for these elections from 18 to 16 for all EU citizens living in the country. This measure will enter into force on 1 May 2023. As of this moment, young people aged 16-18 will also be able to support European citizens’ initiatives.

Mon, 20/06/2022

New update of the Central Online Collection System

New features have been recently added to the Central Online Collection System to improve its functionality for the ECI organisers: now, the sample social media messages have more formatting options, and the initiatives’ logos can be displayed in Facebook messages. The organisers can easily download the latest metrics, find translations added in the user feedback pages and there is better guidance for citizens entering a wrong postal code.

Moreover, feedback shared in a survey by people supporting the initiatives will allow the Commission prepare other future improvements. The majority of open initiatives use COCS, and all new initiatives registered from 1 January 2023 will be required to use it.

Fri, 17/06/2022

Webinar 'Campaigning During a Global Crisis: How to Make your Topic Feature when External Events Take Away Attention?' (Wed 6 July 2022)

How to get heard when people’s attention is focused on something else?

Register for this webinar on 6 July (12:30 – 1:45 CET) and learn about campaigning in difficult circumstances and how to make your citizens' initiative feature when these external events deter attention from it.

Communication expert, John Holland, and ECI organiser from the "Stop Finning - Stop the Trade" European citizens' initiative, Nils Kluger, will share their expertise and experiences on the subject.

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