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European Citizens´ Initiative Forum

Webinar 'Essential Skills for European Citizens' Initiative Organisers - The Basics'

Start date: 19/10/2022 - 12:30
End date: 19/10/2022
Current status: Closed
Updated on: 30/08/2022

This webinar builds on the ECI Forum's online course 'Essential Skills for European Citizens' Initiative Organisers'.

This webinar covered the following topics:

   - Understanding the areas of Commission competences and managing the registration process

   - Practical aspects of the ECI and what the ECI Forum is.

   - Campaigning for a European Citizens' Initiative - what has worked well, what needs to be improved.

   - Support Networks, Fundraising and Advocacy – how to reach 1 million signatures.


In this webinar, you will find answers to the following questions:

1. Is an ECI targeting a change of Article 128 of TFEU something which falls within the framework of the Commission’s power?

2. If the text of ECI consists of more than one demand and one of them falls not under the framework of the Commission’s power, can the Commission reject the whole ECI or rejects only this certain demand and accepts rest demands?

3. Is it possible in the course of the signature collection period to adjust the petition e.g.: - by changing wording or by adding new demands?

4. What happens if a voter signs more than once an ECI? This can happen if e.g. she/he forgets what he did months ago. Are then all signatures of this person invalid or at least only one vote is counted? One vote counts

5. How it is ensured, that person A cannot vote for Person B?

6. It is very difficult to gather 1 million signatures, so every vote is very precious. And we know that in every ECI more than 5% or even 10% are declared invalid? Why this happens and what an ECI organizer can do in order to reduce the number of invalid signatures?

7. How many initiatives have become laws at the end of the collection of signatures?



Elisa Lironi, Programme Director – European Democracy, ECAS

Daniela Vancic, European Programme Manager, Democracy International


Language: EN 


If you missed the webinar, check the video recording (available in English)

ECI Webinar - Essential Skills

Presentation slides

ECI Webinar - Essential Skills
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