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Disciplinary measures and sanctions against perpetrators of violence against women.

Author: Marco D'Adamo |
Updated on: 26/01/2023 |
Number of views: 185


Proposal to supplement the Directive of 8 March 2022 of the European Parliament and the Council on violence against women and domestic violence.


Any personwho commits acts of violence, rape, femicide shall also be punished by means of second disciplinarymeasures , as well as the suspension of any form of state financial aid to which the aggressor is entitled. Assoon as the victim has made a complaint to the police, which has been established, the paying agency shall be informed, by means of an electronic flow, that the payment of the subsidies, bonuses and facilitations is blocked by the person who committed the present offence.

Committing violence against women must be defined as an illegal act and criminally persecuted.

If you are guilty of femicide, you must lose any economic benefit from the EU Member State and apply a European restriction defining boundary limits and arrest.


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