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Ideas for new ECIs from youth participants at the LevelUp Event (Brussels)

Author: Vasiliki Mustakis |
Updated on: 09/12/2022 |
Number of views: 75

At the end of October, several hundred young participants at the LevelUp event at the European Parliament brainstormed ideas for new European citizens’ initiatives, see the ideas below.

What are your thoughts on these ideas? Would you create an ECI from these initial ideas of Europe’s youth?

On what topics would you support a European citizens’ initiative? 

Environment/Climate Change:

- Protect Biodiversity

- Prevent climate change and deforestation

- Environmental protection and free public transport



- Mandatory Mental health/wellbeing classes in all levels of schools – kindergarten, schools, universities

- Media literacy education for all citizens

- Free education for non-EU citizens

- Better access to education and universal learning



- Increase voter mobility

- Have a referendum on the summertime



- Increase digital security

- Fighting disinformation

- Tax Big Tech Companies



- Create employment opportunities for Youth

- Ban unpaid internships



- Simplification of procedures on European platforms

- Better access to healthcare

- European Housing Crisis

- Accept Ukraine into the EU

- Accept Macedonia into the EU

- Schengen for all EU citizens



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