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Ideas for new ECIs from young participants of the Political Festival of Europe (Denmark)

Author: Vasiliki Mustakis |
Updated on: 05/10/2022 |
Number of views: 80

At the end of August, young participants at the Political Festival of Europe in Denmark brainstormed several ideas for new European citizens’ initiatives, see the ideas below.

What are your thoughts on these ideas? Would you create an ECI from these initial ideas of Europe’s youth?


Gender issues:

- Legalise same sex marriage

- Free sanitary products for all women

- Ensure equality for LGBTQ+

- Freedom of choice regarding abortion


Citizens’ Rights/Regulations:

- Legalise cannabis

- Make the voting age 15 years old for all EU Member States

- Extend voting rights for EP elections to EU residents

- Ban smoking for minors


Environment/Climate Change:

- More climate-friendly buildings and more requirements for green solutions in construction

- More regulation on waste disposal

- Ban combustion cars

- More regulations on packaging, find solutions that are eco-friendly



- Create a common EU football team to compete in competitions with other countries

- Culture exchange programme in schools for students to interact and learn about the living conditions, lives and social conditions of other students in a different Member State

- Equality in sports

- Shorter school days

- More use of the outdoors in learning environments

- More opportunities for common EU support for musicians



- Stricter regulations on fossil fuels

- Greater investment in green energy

- Lower overproduction so we do not waste the resources we have



- Better common welfare policies across the EU

- Common solution for those with visual impairments, better access and lower the cost


Animal Welfare:

- Better conditions for animals in the EU

- Maintain and create nature reserves


Living Condition:

- Better infrastructure in all Member States

- Better elderly care

- New building should be more diverse in architecture and colours



- Better transportation connections between EU countries

- More bicycle paths

- Lower CO2 usage in the transportation sector


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