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Partner Countries

CoE engagement with Partner Countries

Membership of the CoE is voluntary. Currently the CoE is working with 61 countries.

Each partner country has a nominated National Focal Point (NFP) to represent it and act as spokesperson.

The NFP also creates and leads a National Team of experts dealing with CBRN matters.

What do we do with our Partner Countries

Based on the EU CBRN CoE prescribed methodology, CBRN CoE NFPs and their CBRN National Teams are responsible for assessing their respective national needs.

Following the assessment, National Teams develop their own National Action Plans with the ultimate goal of developing an integrated and effective CBRN policy that is in line with internationally agreed standards.

Where gaps are identified the CoE aims to work with the countries to address any possible shortcomings by means of tailored regional projects.

The funding for CoE projects comes from the EU Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP).

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