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32 in total, 1 - 10 shown
31 August 2017 to 2 September 2017
in Johannesburg (South Africa)
Organised byEWET - Education With Enterprise Trust

"One of the most effective ways to reduce poverty is to encourage
entrepreneurship." (World Bank Report) SIMAMA RANTA loosely translates into
Strengthening the South African economy through youth entrepreneurship. The
approach of the event is to focus South African secondary school's efforts on
the delivery of in-school entrepreneurship education based upon 11 principles
of good practice, throughout the year. The purpose of the exercise is to
enable learners to become job creators rather than job seekers through
entrepreneurship. Three schools from each of 9 provinces are being selected
as models of good practice together with a national winner. Simama Ranta
started in 2010 and is now in its 8th year.

Arie Bouwer uploaded a new Document 1 March 2017

The 11 Principles of good practice in the provision of in-school entrepreneurship education is being explained together with criteria and processes for schools to respond to for participation within the "Simama Ranta" project.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 28 October 2016

What are the prospects for young people around the world in employment, education, health, and the civic and political spheres?

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“The European Commission should continue investing in youth participation because we [youth] would like to be involved in spaces like forums, boards, in networks so that we can say what we want for our communities; so that we can be part of decision-making; and so that we can say to the rulers wh

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 24 July 2015

“We need to look towards the youth to [carry out development projects], we need to educate the youth on how they can get involved. Because in 15 years’ time, it’s still going to be today’s young people who will be neck deep in this.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 14 July 2014

"Fourteen years old?" This is a doubt expression of most participants attending Open Government Partnership Asia Pacific Regional Conference when they know the age of Fadhil Marta, representative of Children Forum from West Sumatera.

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Daniele Di Pillo posted Information 20 March 2014

A panel on ‘Productive work for youth’ met during the EU Dev Days in November 2013 to discuss how to get young people, particularly in developing countries, into quality jobs.