The Servicio Internacional para el Intercambio Juvenil is a non-profit Organization legally established. It is full member of the International Cultural Youth Exchange, which unites over 30 countries in the five continents. ICYE headquarters are in Berlin, German. ICYE is consultative member of the UNESCO and UN-ECOSOC, member of the CCIVS and co-operates with Mobility International and with the Community Volunteers Service (CSV) in the United Kingdom.

The Statement of Goals of SIIJUVE are :

To create programs that promote youth exchange in the five continents, in multicultural terms.

To promote the defence of human  rights on favour of youth world-wide.To fight for the equality among cultures, nations and sexes.

To promote experiences that enrich international understanding between cultures and people.

To help participants to be aware of existing problems in it’s local and national community in order to better understand world problems and to take actions on its solutions.

To cooperate with national and international organisations oriented to cultural exchange, and specific to those organism committed to peace.

SIIJUVE offers different activities and conferences throughout the year. Some are compulsory: introduction, mid-year and evaluation camps; others are optional.

At a regional level, a group of SIIJUVE's volunteers organize activities in order to increase your understanding of Mexican culture and your involvement within the organization and with other exchangees. These activities are optional and financed by the co-workers and exchangees themselves. Co-workers expect you to participate since the activities are organized for you.

SIIJUVE works with a lot of youth people. We have some active projects with volunteers in the field of non-formal education, youth active participation in communities, but especially in this project we work with many local ngo´s in Mexico that work in the inclusion of youth workers also we work with ngo´s who work with disable youth workers in the immersion in the field of work.

Siijuve collaborate with local ngo´s to promote empowerment and to provide volunteers and help in the development of project with woman inclusion.

The expertise of the persons involve of this project  will be Imelda Romero has been working with SIIJUVE since 10  years ago. She has been a volunteer in Belgium so she can understand the needs and feelings of international volunteers in our country. At the moment she is the Executive Director and runs the incoming program with the volunteers in Mexico.

She has been trained by SIIJUVE so she knows the procedures, differences with programmes and the support that is required for the volunteers.

She has hold projects with capacity building in the field of youth. She hosted a conference in Mexico with the program Erasmus +.

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26 May 2016

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