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Anna Bon uploaded a new Document 30 October 2013
From16 May 2014
in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Organised byVU University Amsterdam

The Network Institute, Computer Science Department and International Office
of VU organize a symposium on ICT4D, the quickly growing field of practice
and study how Information and Communication Technologies influence and may
contribute to social and economic development in the (developing) world.

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Anna Bon posted Information 25 November 2015
From18 March 2016
in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Organised byVU University Amsterdam

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Ever increasing numbers of people are connected through the World Wide Web.
The digital highway makes information rapidly and widely accessible. Thanks
to social networks, we are constantly aware of all kinds of events – from
the smallest details to world news – and we are able to share a wealth of
personal information. Meanwhile, intelligent machines are collecting and
sharing data about us. The pace of progress is rapid but also raises
questions. How does digitization affect our social contacts? What happens
when computers know more about us than we do ourselves? How can we protect
our data from cyber criminals? Can lack of access to online resources lead to
exclusion and inequality? What impact is the global network society having on
our cities, our heritage and our religious experiences?

This VU Amsterdam anniversary conference brings together computer scientists,
humanities scholars, economists and social scientists and challenges them to
focus on our network society and present their visions for the future. The
result is a programme of innovative projects, debates and workshops. 

Registration required.

Anna Bon posted Information 17 November 2013


Anna Bon posted Information 30 October 2013

Women farmers in Tominian , Mali produce pure, high quality sheabutter. They offer it at 1000 fCFA per liter (1,50 EUR). Unfortunately, nobody buys it. Low quality, smelly sheabutter is sold at the local markets for 500 cFA.

Anna Bon posted Information 30 October 2013

Zakary Diarra, farmer, beekeeper and honey producer lives in a small village named Bokuy-Mankoina in the south-east of Mali. In his village there is no internet connection. Zakary’s communication is based on voice, phone and radio.

Anna Bon uploaded a new Document 30 October 2013

Radio stations are the most important sources of information in rural areas in Africa. Storing, managing and linking the voice-based information of rural radios is important to make them more efficient.