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Anna Bon posted Information 2 November 2013

The World Wide Web connects us all. But not yet everyone on this planet enjoys its important benefits: still more than 4 billion people do not have access to the Web.

Anna Bon posted Information 30 October 2013

Women farmers in Tominian , Mali produce pure, high quality sheabutter. They offer it at 1000 fCFA per liter (1,50 EUR). Unfortunately, nobody buys it. Low quality, smelly sheabutter is sold at the local markets for 500 cFA.

From26 November 2013
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byVOICES, SBC4D, VU University Amsterdam, W4RA, The Network Institute, Orange Labs

Web of VOICES - Inclusiveness. Can the Web be expanded for the inclusiveness
of 4,5 billion people? To do so, important obstacles have to be overcome,
such as illiteracy, language and access channels. VOICES wants to extend the
Web with speech modality, and to make it accessible using the existing
communication channels (radio, mobile phone) and the locally spoken

Anna Bon posted Information 8 July 2016

From 20 to 24 June 2016, the W4RA team was in Gourcy, Burkina Faso a facilitated a new ICT4D requirements engineering 

From22 May 2015
in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Organised byThe Network Institute at VU University Amsterdam

ICT4D is the fast growing field of practice and study how Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs) can contribute to social and economic
development in developing and emerging countries.
After the first very successful “Perspectives on ICT4D” Symposium in
Amsterdam with over 100 international participants in May 2014, we organize a
second one – like last year, also as a special event as part of the ICT4D
master course in Amsterdam. The central theme for this year is: Data 4
Development. Big & Open Data is hot in western advanced countries, but how is
it in the developing and emerging world?

From16 May 2014
in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Organised byVU University Amsterdam

The Network Institute, Computer Science Department and International Office
of VU organize a symposium on ICT4D, the quickly growing field of practice
and study how Information and Communication Technologies influence and may
contribute to social and economic development in the (developing) world.

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