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Podcast of presentation at EDD 2013, by VU University Amsterdam, Réseau Marp, SBC4D, Orange, World Resources Institute and EU

The podcast of the session The Web of Voices at EDD, on 26 November 2013.

Mobile and web services play a major role in social and economic progress in developing countries. Mobile telephony has shown a massive uptake in the developing world, opening great opportunities. But the World Wide Web remains inaccessible for many people. Communication in the Sahel region in West Africa, for example, is voice-based (many can’t read or write) and in many different local languages.

The VOICES project removes some of the access barriers to the Web related to communication channels, access infrastructure, literacy and languages. VOICES couples in a novel way Web facilities to mobile telephony and community radio, gluing all together by voice...

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Anna Bon
8 December 2013

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