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Chris Reij: "New forms of communication to scale up re-greening"

Chris Reij, senior fellow at the World Resources Institute in Washington DC, USA,

"..the challenge is how can we accelerate the sharing of knowledge and information between smallholder farmers in a cost-effective way? There will always be a need for farmer-to-farmer visits, so farmers can see for themselves what other farmers have achieved who farm under similar circumstances, but what more can be done? For example, how can mobile phones be used for knowledge sharing and can they be linked to community radios? What role can be played by the internet in regions where the majority of smallholder farmers do not read or write?  "  

Read the entire article:

Chris Reij will present this story next week in Brussels at the European Development Days 26/11/2013.

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Anna Bon
20 November 2013

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