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Value Chain Analysis for Development (VCA4D)

Providing Value Chain Analysis for improving operations

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4. The Project Management Unit (PMU)

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Olimpia Orlandoni12 July 2017

Agrinatura has established a Brussels-based VCA4D Project Manangement Unit (PMU).

The PMU is responsible for: 

  • facilitating the relations between DG DEVCO and the experts on behalf of Agrinatura
  • the day by day organisation and running of all activities
  • contact point and support to the experts during their studies and missions
  • quality backstopping

It is composed of:

Marie Helene Dabat, VCA4D Scientific Director,



Olimpia Orlandoni, VCA4D Project and Policy Coordinator,



Sara Jones, VCA4D Communication and Administrative Officer,



Heval Yildirim, VCA4D Research Officer


VCA4D project officer


Giorgia Mei, VCA4D Project Officer


Feel free to contact us for any question related to VCA4D and Agrinatura! We are looking forward to hearing from you!




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