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UNIDO, Moroccan ministries help local producers add value to traditional products of regional origin

RABAT, 3 November 2010 – Forming quality consortia to add value to traditional products of regional origin was the focus of a workshop, organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Moroccan Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries and Trade, that took place in Rabat today.

Quality consortia are voluntary alliances of producers, cooperatives and companies operating in the same value chain and geographical area. The producers join forces to agree on collective product specifications, register a collective label and promote the shared product/label through a territorial-based marketing strategy, which sells both the typical product and the region of its birth.

This new approach frees small and medium producers in the food and artisan sectors from having to compete on price with generic and standardized products. It also rewards them for using age-old methods to produce traditional products that are firmly rooted in a region and have their own special properties.

Participants at the workshop discussed the Moroccan experience in the field, especially in the framework of the Moroccan Green Plan (Plan Maroc Vert), which constitutes a new development strategy for agriculture and agribusiness initiatives.

UNIDO has extensive experience in supporting producers’ networks in developing countries through establishing export consortia as well as strengthening productive capacity of cooperatives involved in the production of traditional and regional products like olive oil, dry fruits, dates, and couscous.

UNIDO has been encouraging and promoting the creation of local production systems and company networks around the world for many years. The system of cooperation and mutual support, which forms the essence of success behind these networks, has also enabled small-scale agro-industrial producers jointly to penetrate new markets.

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UNIDO helps Moroccan producers form quality consortia to add value to traditional products of regional origin

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