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From14 April 2015
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byUnited Nations Regional Information Centre, United Nations Environment Programme, with support of Goethe Institut

Rural villagers from the Kona Forest villages in South India fight to
protect their agrarian way of life against powerful global forces in this
modern tale of David versus Goliath.

Film screening followed by Q&A with the film Director and UNEP Executive
Director's Special Advisor on post 2015 and Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 2 September 2014

With Almost 30 % of their Population Threatened by Sea Level Rise, Small Island Developing States Need ‘Blue Green Economy’ Innovations to Adapt to Climate Change

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From20 March 2019
in (Belgium)
Organised bythe UN Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) and UN Environment Office in Brussels

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