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UNEP-UNESCO YouthXchange: Training kit on responsible consumption for Africa

African population is expected to reach 1/4 of the world's population by 2050. This growth, along with the growing consumption, puts immense pressure on our natural resources, biodiversity and the ecological balance of the planet, particularly Africa. This first geographical adaptation of the...
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Sustainable Social Housing Initiative (SUSHI) Brief

Publication Date: 2012 The Sustainable Social Housing Initiative (SUSHI) was developed by UNEP to increase the use of sustainable building solutions in social housing programs in developing countries. The project provides guidelines and case studies for developers to integrate sustainable solutions...
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Liveable Cities: the Benefits of Urban Environmental Planning

Publication Date: 2007 This report, published by the Cities Alliance, UNEP, and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, showcases 12 examples of cities around the world. I t explores various options for sustainable urban development ranging from practical tools and comprehensive policies to...
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Environmental Risks and Challenges of Anthropogenic Metals Flows and Cycles

Publication Date: April 2013 This report, compiled by a group of international experts, focuses on the impact of metals on the environment as well as on their life cycle energy use. Currently, primary metals production is responsible for 7 – 8 % of the total global energy use as well as for severe...
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Waste Management Outlook for Mountain Regions - Sources and Solutions

Mountains play an essential role in supplying water, energy, food and other services to millions of people living in the mountains and downstream. Ensuring the continued supply of these services has never been more important. However, many mountain regions are experiencing a growing solid waste...
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