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Resolutions and decisions adopted by the Committee of the Whole of the United Nations Environment Assembly at its fourth session on 11 - 15 March 2019

The 4th UN Environment Assembly gathered in Nairobi from 11-15 March 2019. The United Nations Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. It addresses the critical environmental challenges facing the world today. Understanding these challenges and...
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Establishing China's Green Financial: Progress Report 2017

China and the global community’s future development depends on its transition to an inclusive, environmentally friendly, low carbon economy. Making this transition will require political will, continued technological innovation, international cooperation, and a rapid scaling of business and...
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(EU Development Days) Roundtable on Green Economy and Trade

26 Nov
Brussels, Belgium
Organised by UNEP, European Commission
-------- * * ------------------------------------------------------------ -------- *HOW CAN POST-2015 TRADE BE MADE MORE INCLUSIVE & SUSTAINABLE? * --
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