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Alexa Froger posted Information 8 April 2014

Frankfurt / New York, 7 April 2014 - Renewable energy's share of world electricity generation continued its steady climb last year despite a 14 per cent drop in investments to US$214.4 billion, according to a new report released today. 

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 3 July 2014

South-South Renewables Trade Grows Faster than Global Trade as Developing Countries Invest in Green Technology

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 1 April 2015

Driven by solar and wind, world investments reverse 2-year dip, brush aside challenge from sharply lower oil price; 103GW capacity added in 2014 is roughly that of all US nuclear plants

From18 June 2015
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEU sustainable energy week

The EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015 will take place 15-19 June 2015. Energy
Days can be organised during the whole month of June.

This year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week seeks to inspire consumers, public
authorities and other stakeholders to join forces in shaping Europe's
sustainable energy future. By gathering thousands of people and exchanging
experiences in all fields, this platform fosters an open debate about the
Energy Union and its three pillars:

* Energy efficiency;
* Decarbonising the economy with a focus on renewables;
* Research, Innovation and Competitiveness.

The EU Sustainable Energy Week helps building the energy community that is
indispensable for shaping the Energy Union. This is to reply to the
expectations of the EU citizens, who in large majority want to see a strong
and united approach in energy.

From18 November 2015
Organised byUN

In celebration of the International Year of Light,

the United Nations would like to invite you to the screening of:

Bring the Sun Home