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15 in total, 1 - 10 shown
From3 February 2015
in (Belgium)
Organised byMEP Paul Rübig, Chair of the European Parliament Scientific and Technology Option Assessment (STOA)

Objectives of the meeting: 

- Gain insights from MEPs and EU policy makers on strategic priorities for European research leading to sustainable solutions, building on a global agenda recently published by Future Earth

From14 April 2015
in 1040 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Economic and Social Committee

At  a UN global summit in September 2015 world leaders shall adopt the Post-2015 agenda for sustainable development, building on the Millennium Development Goals, integrating them with the broader objectives of global sustainable development and establishing a set of Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) posted Information 22 January 2016

At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, a coalition of 30 leaders launched Champions 12.3,an effort to create political, business and soci