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2052 - A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years by Jorgen Randers


Jorgen Randers (co-author of the original "Limits to Growth") tries to answer the question what our world will look like in forty years time. The forecast 2052 dares to give highly educated guesses, combining data, modelling and hard science with an understanding of human nature and its systems and intuitions. Its findings are sufficiently unsettling and startling to start the debate about the need for fundamental change.

Humanity's systems, which uphold "business-as usual" are very resilient towards real change. Rapid change does not happen until people's patience caused by the negative consequences of "business-as-usual" (climate change effects, inequity, resource depletion) runs out. Society's main institutions: democracy and economy are based on short-termism, resulting in a slow societal response to challenges, which need long-term solutions and investments. Humanity has a forty-year window to avoid the most serious negative consequences of its decades-long overconsumption splurge.

The lecture will be followed by a debate moderated by Tony Long, Executive Director, WWF EU Policy Office, and at 13:30 by an optional walking lunch.

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